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Height Adjustable Office Desks and Sit Stand Tables are changing the way we work. The mandatory DDA regulations affecting disabled workers must now be taken into consideration but also the modern office where flexible working, hot desking and enhanced staff morale, added to a styled working environment, benefits both employer and employee inducing creative work flow and increased productivity 

At, we have endeavoured to source the quality and functionality to provide a world class range of affordable height adjustable products.  We can offer a variety of mechanisms from fully electrically powered motorized height adjustable desks with memory control to crank handle and manually adjustable units. To view the complete range of Height Adjusting Tables that we offer please follow this  Link to our primary Website - which has possibly the largest choice of Height Adjustable Desks available.

We can offer a full range of  innovative and elegant designs as standard with complimentary  top sizes and styles with an unequalled range of finishes.

Our prices are based on excellent value for money with a no nonsense approach to customer service. For a competitive quotation or just a chat with one of our product specialists. Call us today.

An Electrical Sit / Stand Height Adjustable Desk makes it possible for you to change your working position simply and easily at the press of a button. is a British based reseller of a wide range of Height Adjusting Office and  Home products. Our aim is to provide a one stop purchasing resource for both corporate and individual customers  

Height Adjustable Desks, Height Adjustable Tables, Sit / Stand Desks, Sit Stand Desks, Workplatforms and Industrial Workbenches all built to ergonomic standards.

Electric Height Adjustable Desks improve comfort and productivity in

  • Offices & Home Offices
  • Training Centres
  • Schools Colleges & Universities
  • Banks & Building Societies
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries
  • Showrooms
  • Drawing offices
  • Hospitals & Doctor Surgeries
  • Reception Area's & Public Access Buildings
  • Central Government Departments
  • Local Government & County Councils

  • Individuals are rarely the same height, so therefore would it not be better to have an adjustable computer desk which could be the perfect height for whoever was sitting at it?

    If you spend long hours sat at your desk, the option to be able to stand and work for periods of time can be enormously beneficial. Alternating between sitting and standing will improve circulation and relieve back and other bodily strain caused by sitting for long periods. Therefore not only a must for comfort but also by adapting to the needs of your body this ergonomic device will significantly improve healthy and safety whilst you work.

    Those using a wheelchair will find the desks particularly accessible,  by raising the desk height, wheelchair users can easily access their desk and then lower the top to the perfect level. A properly adjusted workstation can help you achieve the goal of spending most of your time in a relaxed working posture, also known as a neutral body position.